What is Bevs?

what is Bevs? what is Bevs?

Big Bevs is a Tree Frog, also tree toad, common name for a family of small to medium-sized, often brightly colored frogs, found in temperate and tropical areas throughout the world. The males of many species have calls ranging from melodious chirps to raucous growls. They call during the breeding season, which generally coincides with wet, rainy periods, and in some areas these frogs are considered indicators of imminent rain. Unlike their terrestrial relatives, most tree frogs have expanded disks at the tips of the toes that enable them to cling tightly to vertical surfaces. Body color ranges from brown and gray to green; some species are able to change color in response to temperature and light. The gray tree frog is common throughout the eastern United States. It ranges in color from dark brown to mottled gray; has a short, rounded head; and is about 5 cm (about 2 in) long. In winter the gray tree frog buries itself in the decayed stumps of trees or within the earth until spring. During the spring the female lays one to several hundred eggs in a pond; the eggs become attached to plants and hatch in several days. The diet of tree frogs consists mainly of insects. The Pacific tree frog is abundant in the western coastal region of North America and is usually green or brownish with a dark eyestripe. The largest known tree frog, the giant tree frog, is native to New Guinea and northern Australia and may attain a length of about 11 cm (about 4.25 in). See Frog. Scientific classification: Tree frogs make up the family Hylidae. The gray tree frog is classified as Hyla versicolor, the Pacific tree frog as Hyla regilla, and the giant tree frog as Litoria infrafrenata. related articles classification types of 3 items web center U Find the best online information about Tree Frog. Encarta Editors' Picks Hylidae Species Spotlight: Green Tree Frog Red-eyed Tree Frog [Belize Zoo] more... Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2003. © 1993-2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.